The mission of BitSui Bridge is to serve the Bitcoin and Sui ecosystems by facilitating value interoperability between the Bitcoin and Sui networks through cross-chain mechanisms. This aims to broaden the possibilities for user transactions and economic activities, allowing them to seamlessly transfer BRC20 tokens to the Sui network


Our Mission

Constructing the most seamless bidirectional bridge between the Bitcoin and Sui networks in history, enabling Sui to integrate into the Bitcoin ecosystem effortlessly.

Our Mission

How it all works

BitSui has constructed a bidirectional bridge between the Bitcoin and Sui networks, streamlining the process of transferring Bitcoin ecosystem tokens from Bitcoin to the Sui network. This process encompasses not only BRC20 tokens but also other tokens from the Bitcoin network, such as Atomicals. Users transfer their Bitcoin tokens to a dedicated Bitcoin address; upon confirmation, the tokens can be minted on the Sui network.


Powers BitSui’s entire decentralized application ecosystem. Tokenomics

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